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Piranha | Animal Wildlife | The piranha is a type of freshwater fish in the rivers of the South American jungle. Piranhas can be found in almost all countries in South America and the piranha have emerged more recently in the southern United States. Piranha has a single row of sharp teeth with the piranha is most often known for their taste of blood. Piranhas eat fish, mammals and birds alike, with the joint group of piranhas eating together in a mild frenzy.

Although carnivorous piranha, the piranha is actually an omnivore and eats almost anything it can find. Piranhas feed primarily on fish, snails, insects and aquatic plants to eat large mammals and birds into the water. Despite their fear of nature, the piranha was actually a number of predators in nature, including human piranhas hunt for food. Piranhas are prey to large predators such as river dolphins (known as river dolphins), crocodiles, turtles, birds and larger fish.


The Piranha is usually about 30 cm long, but some people Piranha were found near measuring 80cm. The Piranha is said to be most feared by many people that even a shark. Piranha is generally found in rivers and streams flowing where there is plenty of food for eating piranha. Piranhas live together in large schools and in constant competition for food. Slapshot power will be triggered when there is a lack of food or blood in the water.

Piranha tend to grow more slowly than in pairs in water like lagoons usually during the rainy season from April to May. A pair of mating to prepare the nest the female lays eggs in clusters of piranhas PIRANHA female down an average of 5000 eggs, and because male and female PIRANHA PIRANHA defend the eggs protected in an efficient, often more than 90% survive and hatch in a few days.


In August 2009, 35cm piranhas found in the river in Devon, thousands of miles away is the birthplace. The team found the Piranha were completely perplexed about what this tropical fish in the river was in England, but concluded that this must be piranhas was kept as a pet and then released due to the fact that it was eating sweet corn.

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